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6 Steps To Setting Business Goals For The New Year

If you didn’t spend your last few weeks of 2017 reflecting on your business growth, and planning how you want your business to be directed this year – it is not too late. January is still the perfect time to set your business goals for 2018, and start acting in align them.

Business goals are essential for growth because they offer a sense of direction and purpose for the year. The kind of motivation we get from achieving our own goals is imperative to building an unstoppable momentum. Once we feel that sense of pride – nothing can stop us from achieving more success.

Here are my top 6 steps for setting the perfect business goals:

1. Write A Clear Plan Of Action Do an overview of where you currently are, and where you would realistically like to be at the end of this year. See what goals you currently have and out of those goals what needs to be finished, changed, and removed. Once you are fully aware of your end-point for the year, it will be easy to map out specific goals on how to get there.

2. Map Out What You Need To Get To Your End-Point

Do you need to learn some skills to get to where you want to be? Should you be looking into taking on classes or seminars, or even attending specific networking events? Are there any resources you need to take into consideration to achieve your goals? Work out exactly what you need to be able to set your goals accurately.

3. Set Realistic Goals

It is important to set realistic goals for yourself and your business instead of unrealistic dreams that are only going to leave you frustrated if and when you can’t achieve them.

4. Make Your Goals Specific

First you need to specify the goal, next you need to specify the strategy to achieving that goal. Every goal you set needs to be: specific, measurable, attainable, and time-based. For example, if you want to create more sales within your business, you won’t set a goal by saying: “To have more wedding sales in 2018”. You will be specific and say: “To sign up 6 new wedding clients by 15 June 2018”. Following that, will be an outline of your strategy to achieving this goal.

5. Create A Vision Board

Do you know what is better than reading your goals everyday? Seeing them. Create a vision board with relevant pictures to remind you every single day of what you need to accomplish.

6. Take Action

Once you have your specific business goals and strategies in place, it is time to take action. Without taking action – you can have all of the perfectly crafted goals in the world and it wouldn’t mean a thing. Once you take action, watch how everything else just falls into place!

Have fun and good luck!

Xx Kelly

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