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Take A Break, Don't Quit

I came across a saying recently, which really spoke to me. It said: “when you are tired, learn to take a break, but do not quit”. I really resonate with that saying – especially after this past year. As you will see, I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of November 2016. That is because a few days after my last blog post, something personal happened which shook my world upside down a little.

Death. It brings you to a raw and emotional place which makes you question your own life, and your own journey. You start to immediately hold on to irreplaceable important things like family, and toss away materialistic things and goals. It made me question business, and what I have been really doing all of it for, when things can end so abruptly at the drop of a hat. And after a lot of the emotion subsided, it made me realize that no matter what – business is a part of who I am. It makes up my personality. But I was emotionally exhausted, and so instead of quitting – I decided to take a break.

Now I am not talking about a full on break where I spend my days under a palm tree on a white sandy beach sipping Pina Colada’s (I wish!). I am talking about a break from the hustle. A break from working every night till 3am, pushing a million new and unique ideas. I delved into a “normal” working frame-of-mind this year. I had time for dinner parties every Friday night, and brunches on Saturday mornings. I had time to watch TV after work, and I had time to learn to play golf.

I took a break by having an “average” life this year. And while it was needed, it was not who I am. But now I am back. I am back in full swing. I am back to the hustle. I am back to the grind. And I couldn’t be more happier – I couldn’t be more myself. It is good to take a break once in a while. Sometimes your body and your mind just needs it. But make sure it is just that – make sure it is just a break. Do not quit, do not give up. Because no matter what happens in your life to get you to breaking point, it is up to you – and only you – to make sure that you do not break. That you keep on this path to reaching all of your dreams and goals. Because, to answer my earlier question to myself, what am I doing it for when things can end so abruptly tomorrow? Well I would be really pissed off that I didn’t make it happen before things ended.

Till next time,



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