Know Your Weaknesses

We are so conditioned in life to come first. To succeed beyond expectations. To win. To beat everybody else in the race. Whatever your race may be. We have been groomed since pre-school to compete, and win, and be the very best we can be. To always come first. Maybe it is that caveman mentality still lingering deep within us; “eat or be eaten”. Whatever it is – it is in our DNA and it becomes a huge part of our identity from early childhood. While it can be a really good thing – because it gives us the will and the drive to succeed at our passions. It can also be a slightly bad thing. Because we are so in tune with only focusing on our strengths in life and business, we completely ignore our weaknesses. We are ignorant to them – denying any and every weakness in ourselves. Because we do not want to be seen as weak (even to ourselves), we only want to be seen as winners. As warriors.

At the end of the day, nobody is perfect. You absolutely cannot do it all, and be good at all of it. Its impossible. And that is what separates the extremely successful people from everybody else. They know their weaknesses. Not only do they acknowledge those weaknesses, but they embrace them. By accepting your weaknesses in life and business, you are opening up the possibility of outsourcing those weaknesses to someone whom your weakness is actually a strength. When building a business – this is absolutely fundamental for growth and success.

Focus on what you are good at, and utilize someone else’s strengths. That is what creates a powerful engine which will drive your company all the way to the top. As difficult as it is to do, it is essential. I am busy with this right now as I write this post. I am sitting down, and making a list of all my personal weaknesses, as well as weaknesses within my companies. Of course it is hard. Nobody wants to admit their faults – it is a lot easier to deny them. But I know that if I do not do this I can never truly grow and reach my business goals.

Just from my simple list of weaknesses I can already see what I need to do within my businesses within the next three months in order to grow in a positive light. And what’s more, I can see what I need to stop doing in order for my ships to not sink.

Thought of the day: embrace your weaknesses, it may be the most powerful thing you will ever do on this journey to success.

Till next time,

Xx Kelly

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