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Letting Go To Grow

2016 is soaring past faster than expected. It is already March and it feels like just yesterday that I was drinking Moet into the new year. It is not easy to run a business, and it is definitely not easy to run a business where you try and do everything yourself. This is probably one of the biggest things I have learnt and come to terms with this year. In order for your business to grow, you do not need to be working so much “in” your business – you need to be working more “on” your business.

When you are so busy working “in” your business on day-to-day transactional tasks, how are you going to have any time to work on growing and expanding the business? Marketing the business? Creating new and exciting opportunities within the business? This is something I am dealing with right now. I am trying to transition from being in, to being on. It is not an easy transition to make. Especially when I have based so much of my business around me being in it.

I am taking the baby steps – increasing my team and training these new staff members to take over a lot of my transaction tasks. It is hard to train staff to do things the exact way that you would do them. It is even harder to let go and let people do things their own way. However if I don’t let go, if I hold on to this controlling position because of fear, I will not reach the growth potential that I have in mind for this year.

So now I need to take a deep breath, trust the process, and let my business soar. Without me being the only driven force behind it.

Till next time.

Xx Kelly

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