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Welcome To The New Year

I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a year, as I am for 2016. I feel such great opportunities coming my way and I am going to grab every single one of them. The biggest thing I need to work on this year and improve is my organization skills. Ironic right, a wedding planner who doesn’t have the greatest organization skills. Well let me just say this – I have AMAZING organization skills when it comes to other people, and business. When it comes to my personal life I almost take a step back and I have decided that this is the year that is going to end.

Being a young female entrepreneur – especially in South Africa – can be quite difficult. You really have to sacrifice a lot in order to get a lot. I have found for the past few years that I have over-sacrificed. I have not focused at all on myself in any personal spectrum and that is not healthy. It is so important to find a healthy balance. That is where my organization skills are going to come in to play. Owning one business is hard enough, but when you own multiple businesses as well as run a few private groups and organizations – lets just say that it is impossible to find the time for anything or anyone.

This is why I am taking myself back to primary school days. I am literally drawing up weekly timetables, and looking at each one of my businesses and groups as “subjects”. I know how much time I have to put in each hour per “subject”, and I am scheduling it. I am also scheduling personal things such as exercise and appointments. If I don’t – I will never get to it. I seem to always put my personal life last on the priority list and this has got to slightly change if I want a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Let’s just hope I stick to it!

Xx Kelly

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