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I Finally Made The Move To Cape Town

A few weeks ago I decided to take a big step towards expanding my wedding and event planning business, as well as changing the route of my life. I decided to move to Cape Town. Let me just say that it is frantic. I am flying up to Johannesburg almost every week to meet with clients and prepare for, as well as coordinate weddings; and then flying back to Cape Town after 32 hours of no sleep and feet that feel like they are falling off, just so that I wake up to the breathtaking view of the ocean (and I must say, my apartment definitely has the most incredible views). It is frantic, but I absolutely love it and what’s more – I am making it work!

It is so important to me, to really expand my business and its recognition nationally, and one day hopefully globally. I do not mind having to work 18 – 20 hour days often to do this. I am lucky that I am at a point in my life where I am flexible enough to do things like this. I want to spend the next two years really pushing Red In Paris Events in Cape Town and giving it the wonderful reputation and recognition it has in Johannesburg; and I want to do this while not compromising on any of my business or clients needs in Johannesburg either.

The great thing about living a bi-city life, is that it I am truly available to help clients who live in Johannesburg and want to get married in Cape Town achieve peace of mind and plan their wedding to perfection. It is so difficult to plan a wedding in another city, and while it may be a lot easier for a wedding planner, it is still hard not being able to be in that other city to check up on everything. This is where I can come in and offer my clients a better solution. I am able to meet up with their suppliers in Cape Town consistently, while flying back to Johannesburg the very next week and meet with my clients to give them feedback and discuss important issues.

A lot of other wedding planners are able to do this, however they then charge for the travelling and accommodation fees occurred. I do not. As I live in both cities, I am able to provide this rare service free-of-charge.

I am very excited to look back in a year’s time and see how we have grown here in this beautiful (but very windy) city. I see great things for Red In Paris Events, and this is just one of them.

Till next time.

Xx Kelly

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